Dear colleagues,

The main aims in the activity of the Moscow Academy of entrepreneurship at the Government of Moscow are help in economic and innovative development of Russia, revival of Russian entrepreneurship, training of highly qualified specialists, who can efficiently work in modern economic and social reality.

Educational system of the Academy provides a strict exploitation of its post graduates in the activities of state and commercial enterprises, firms and companies as managers, consultants and specialists in the field of financial and trade management, personnel management, banking and insurance, auditing and taxation, and also in the fields of foreign trade activities and international business, civil and state law.

The scientific work, development and implementation of software, information services is one of the most important activities of the Academy.. The scientific and practical institute "Development of business in the frame of the market" is successfully functioning in the Academy.

The scientific potential of the Academy cannot be developed without its own center, publishing the results of our scientific researches in the innovative activity, which help to attract attention to a particular working out, consolidating all the scientists who are interested in this problem.

This is the reason we started publishing our own journal "Vestnik of the Academy" in 2002. The aim of the journal is discussing the results of scientific researches, interesting problems and the ways of development entrepreneurship, promotion and increasing the importance of scientific activity.

We would like the authors from all regions of Russia to take part actively in the forming of the contents of our journal. Especially we would like address our young scientific youth. This journal is for you, our young lectures, magisters, aspirants and professors.

Editorial board invites scientists, specialists in the field of economy to cooperate with us. Contacts with our journal will help you to find business partners and to take part in the scientific discussions and demonstrate your point of view for the most important points of the scientific and practical activity.

We are glad to meet you our honorable authors and readers on the pages of our journal!

Chief Editor of the "Academy's Herald"

Doctor of Economics (PhD), Professor

Svetlana Ivanovna Koroleva


The editorial Board of the "Academy's Herald" journal is interested in publishing high quality research results in relevant economic problems, entrepreneurship, theoretical and practical management, legal business problems, current issues of educational development in the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

The articles published in the journal can be the results of theoretical and practical scientific research. Many of those scientific problems can be examined in complex, as well as at the turn of economic, legal and social-humanitarian sciences.

Our edition publishes conference proceedings, articles and reviews of research results both in the Russian and in the English languages. The Editorial Board of the journal invites specialists from Russia and other countries to cooperation. The scientific materials are subject to multi-stage reviewing by editorial staff and independent experts before being published.

The journal is freely available on the web-site, as well as in the Scientific electronic library E-library. All journal publications are available for users. It means that the users can read and make full text copies of scientific articles.

You have a chance to contribute to the national and world science development by publishing a scientific article in the "Academy's Herald" journal or by participating in scientific research.

About the journal

Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship under the Government of Moscow has been issuing the scientific journal "Academy's Herald" since 2002 for publishing scientific articles and informational announcements devoted to regional economy's problems, service industry development, running conditions of business activities, legislation problems and management practice.

The results of the scientific research are published in the "Academy's Herald" according to following thematic areas:

  • Theory, methodology and research techniques of regional studies. Territorial structure of the Russian and world economies, dynamics of that structure. Regional economy, inter-regional cooperation. Regional economic policy.
  • Methodology and theory of entrepreneurship's development; development of business organization methods in various forms of entrepreneurship.
  • Methodology, theory of ensuring business structures' competitiveness. Forms of the up-to-date competition and their impact on the entrepreneurship contents.
  • Technology process of development and management decision-making in business organizations.
  • Consistent patterns and trends of modern entrepreneurship development.
  • Forecast of structural changes in the entrepreneurship development under the circumstances of world market globalization.
  • Ensuring competitiveness of service sector enterprises.
  • Organizational and management improving in the service sector according to the market conditions.
  • Anti-crisis management mechanism in the service sector.

The journal is registered in the Central Territorial Department of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs of the Press, Television and Radio Broadcasting and Mass Communication Media (registration certificate PI No. 1-00633 from 15.03.2002).

The International Standard Serial Number of the "Academy's Herald" journal is ISSN 2073-9621. The journal "Academy's Herald" is included in the subscription catalog "Newspapers. Journals" of OJSC Agency "Rospechat" – subscription code 80913.

The frequency of the journal is 4 times a year.

The "Academy's Herald" journal is included by the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to the list of the leading reviewed scientific journals and publications, recommended for publication of main dissertation scientific research results for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.

The "Academy's Herald" journal is also included in the Russian Quoting Index and represented in the open access on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library E-library for the registered users.

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